Our gorgeous flatbread filled with chips, fresh tomatoes, red onion and sweet paprika. Please tell your server if you don’t want chips inside! *Kalamari option doesn’t include chips, tomato, onion or paprika.


– Loukaniko Sausage with Greek Slaw. (741kcal)

Kalamari with Taramasalata and cucumber ribbons. (630kcal)

– Pork Belly with Tzatziki. (557kcal)

– Pork Skewer with Tzatziki. (889kcal)

– Chicken with Greek mustard sauce. (638kcal)

– Lamb Meatballs with minted yoghurt. (559kcal)

– Halloumi with minted yoghurt. (714kcal) V

– Falafel with Tahini (684kcal) V VG

– Jackfruit Gyros with Vegan Aioli (729kcal) V VG

– Vegan Meatballs with Vegan Aioli (673kcal) V VG