Pancreatic Cancer UK


It’s Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and we ask you to join us in raising critical awareness.

A subject very close to our hearts, pancreatic cancer is unfortunately a disease with the lowest survival rate of all common cancers.

Symptoms are often vague, there are delays in diagnosis and treatment referrals are seriously set back. As a result, 9 out of 10 people with pancreatic cancer don’t get the necessary treatment they need, to give them the best chance to survive.

More awareness, will lead to more people surviving and more research might lead to a breakthrough in early diagnosis.

Having lost our beloved Operations Director, Christos Karatzenis to this disease in February 2020, after a very short and unfair battle, we since try our best to raise awareness through our restaurants.

We started this effort by introducing a delicious new Pork Skewer into our menu – Christos’ favourite Greek delicacy – from which a donation of 25p for each dish ordered goes to directly to the Pancreatic Cancer UK charity.

In addition to this, for all of November, for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month, we are adding an option for our guests to add an extra £1 to their bill, in support of PCUK.

This month is a chance for the pancreatic cancer community to come together to raise vital funds and awareness, to remember those who sadly lost the battle and to acknowledge those living with, or beyond the disease.

During this month, all pancreatic cancer charities and groups from around the world unite to transform the future for everyone affected by this devastating disease.

We appreciate any help you’re willing to offer, as we keep memories of Christo’s amazing spirit and personality with us always. His legacy will live forever through our restaurants which were his passion and life’s purpose.

If you wish to donate directly to the charity, please see the link below:

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